A detailed summary of the characteristics of cadastral maps

A Cadastral Map is a map that visually represents important information about real estate and land ownership. These maps have several features related to land ownership. The following details the main features of the Cadastral map:

land boundary markings

A cardastral map details the boundaries of a property. These boundaries are usually drawn in various shapes and clearly show the extent and shape of the property.

Property Identification Information

Each property or parcel of land has unique identifying information. This information may include parcel serial numbers, owner names, and property addresses. 지적도무료열람

land use

Some cardastral maps may show land use. This provides information about what the land is used for: residential, commercial, agricultural, etc.

real estate floor plan

Some cardastral maps may show the location of buildings and structures within a property. It provides details of houses, commercial buildings, warehouses, roads, gardens, etc.

legal information

Cadastral maps can also provide legal information regarding property ownership. This may include written contracts regarding the property, tax information, the rights and obligations of the owner, etc.

Useful for real estate transactions and development

Cadastral Maps provides essential information for a variety of real estate-related activities, including real estate transactions, land development, building permit applications, and tax assessments.

Urban planning and home construction

Urban planners use cardastral maps to plan land use in cities and to help develop appropriate housing and infrastructure.

Accuracy and Updates

Because cardastral maps influence important decisions related to real estate transactions, their accuracy is critical. Therefore, these maps are updated regularly to keep them in line with reality.

Cadastral maps serve as an essential tool in real estate management, trading and planning, and play an important role in supporting real estate markets and land development activities.