Impact of increasing popularity of webtoons

hi! Do you like webtoons?

I like it very much. So I often watch webtoons.

These days, its popularity is so great that many different works are being created.

Among them, of course, there are some that are very popular.

Popular works are having a different impact these days.

In the case of popular webtoon works, they do not end with webtoons but are derived from various works.

It does not end with Season 1, but continues with Seasons 2 and 3.

Or it may be produced into a movie or drama. 툰코

Recently, it has become extremely popular as it has been made into movies and dramas.

The existing webtoon story will be maintained, but slightly different content will appear.

And although webtoons are static scenes, if they are produced as videos, they can give a different feeling.

So, many people consume webtoon content, but when it is produced as a video, they also consume video content.

The result is enormous impact.

If you like webtoons, it would be a good idea to look for any movies or dramas related to them.